SiteCatalyst, Adobe’s Web Analytics suite

The Adobe Web Analytics service, Adobe SiteCatalyst, differs from Google Analytics in several details: the best analysts, those who know how to work on both platforms, are able to get more detailed and complementary information on your website audience from these. In any case, it is always better to establish one off, comprehensible reporting with customers, the reference tool.

How Site Catalyst works

The algorithms used by Google and Adobe SiteCatalyst are extremely complex – calculations and processing methodologies on the wealth of information available, be it sessions, time spent per user or other source – and different and often the results provided by the two platforms are dissimilar.

The benefits ​​of SiteCatalyst are its greater customization and its remarkable capacity which results in greater output speed because data is collected on a server. Instead, Google Analytics often works with sampling, to speed up the retrieval and processing of information.

Many of our most important customers have chosen this analysis tool: it goes without saying that, in addition to the precision and practicality of the tool itself, it is the human factor which is the truly distinguishing criteria, i.e. the expertise of our professionals.