Google Analytics

Google Analytics: statistics and analysis on Big G

This is the specific Web Analytics service for the most popular global search engine: learning how to use Google Analytics perfectly is essential for true web professionals like our staff analysts.

It is a service which gives you very detailed statistics on the number and type of visitors to a site. In particular, you can trace where users come from, whether they are search engines (i.e. organic searches), paid display campaigns, referrer sites and e-mail marketing or other sources.

How Google Analytics works

User navigation data collected through the Google tracking code and then processed and reorganized in a convenient interface is the subject of study, analysis and monitoring for our web analysts. In fact, it is only by finding out most of your target habits and the way your customers interact with your site that we can fine-tune our web marketing strategy.

First analyze and then act

Getting in touch with Pro Web Consulting for your Google Analytics consultancy means being sure that we will carefully evaluate every detail before taking action. Only after relevant data has been collected and analyzed can a structured approach be worked out which is then translated into SEO interventions. In addition, Google Analytics is also vital for the monitoring of on-going activities, evaluating the effectiveness of the work that is taking place: our customers receive periodic reports which highlight achievements and tangible results.