Web Analytics

Web analytics, measurement and reporting

The Web Analitycs is the science of collecting, measuring and analyzing data. This is necessary to understand the past and present situation of a website and turn them into useful information for the optimization of your business marketing strategy, in order to ensure greater economic return to the customer. There are several variables to consider, such as traffic (organic or not), conversions, bounce rate and time spent on the site, user journey and web server performance.

It is certainly a key resource, because no other marketing channel has such a body of data for quantity and precision at its disposal. We can monitor not only the basic data such as the visits to a site, but also how many users made a purchase, the average amount or probable causes of the abandonment of the transaction and so on.

On-going activities and constant monitoring

Analytics consultation and operational work cannot be exhausted in the first phase of any project: it is, in fact, an on-going activity, because only through continuous monitoring can we solve all the problems and maximize the potential of the Client’s website.

Our Web Analysts know how to work on different platforms, such as Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst, setting the best monitoring strategy according to the needs of the Customer and providing accurate and consistent reporting.

We invite you to find out more by requesting a custom Web Analytics consultation.