Search intelligence

SEO-driven contents and Search Intelligence strategy

Nowadays, even the biggest publishing companies with years of experience need to take a leap forward in the digital world. This means becoming aware of the importance of optimized contents and not only from a structural SEO viewpoint. In fact, your editorial planning topics can be chosen following keyword search volumes and user trends.

We firmly believe in a SEO-driven approach by which we mean that SEO starts at the beginning of the process not at the end as in a traditional SEO-compliant perspective. It makes no difference whether our client has a recipe platform or a fashion e-commerce company, the most effective strategy is the same: analyzing keywords and topics at different moments of the year and identifying patterns and trends in order to understand and even forecast consumer interests. To find out more, request a SEO consultation.

Content is king (even in SEO)

What kind of things do people talk about at Christmas and which keywords are most relevant in spring or in the summer holidays? A winning strategy involves monitoring search volumes in specific periods of the year in order to build up efficient editorial planning of interesting for both human readers and search engines involving trending topics and seasonal subjects. This way we are able to offer readers contents they really want to read, thanks to Search Intelligence.

SEO copywriting: good writing and web writing

Some might say that writing well and writing in an SEO perspective are diametrically opposed. This is a little bit snobbish. We can write elegantly while also paying attention to a strategic use of keywords and metatags. SEO copywriting and content marketing are true arts for real writing professionals such as our agency’s experts.