SEO for e-commerce

How to increase traffic and conversions on your e-shop

SEO for ecommerce becomes more and more crucial. The e-commerce market is expanding significantly world-wide: sales volumes in Italy are estimated to have doubled YoY since 2010. In Europe, there are around 230 million e-shoppers and approximately 1 purchase in 4 is made on a mobile device, on smartphones and tablets (Source: Osservatorio Netcomm).

In such a thriving and competitive market, it is self-evident that a good search engine position can have a positive impact on company returns. That is why our agency can provide specific e-commerce SEO consultancy with a focus on Mobile SEO too, a highly useful strategy which gives users top buying experiences, increasing loyalty and pushing conversions.

E-commerce On Page Optimization

When it comes to creating an SEO strategy for an e-shop we pay attention to several elements, aiming to improve Google visibility, ranking and usability. Website page speed is as important as redirecting decisions and product descriptions.

If you manage a very large digital warehouse of items, each in a range of colors, sizes and models, simplifying user visualization and the buying process is especially crucial. Ignoring this means risking losing potential customers. It is helpful, for example, to set up specific redirecting to manage out-of-stock or temporarily unavailable items.

You need to start simplifying right from the registration form, setting up auto-filling to speed up user registration.

SEO for ecommerce: top quality contents and descriptions

Each category and even each product should have a content box with a short description in it. This is effective from both SEO and customer viewpoints. In addition, the more information you provide, the greater the user satisfaction, for example, giving users the opportunity to filter and compare prices.