Local SEO

Local SEO: optimization and geo-localization

Searches containing keywords such as “near me” or mentioning specific places are more and more common. Google itself shows this as a direct consequence of mobile device use. We know how fundamentally important it can be to support the needs of an always-on user through Local SEO.

Local companies and web marketing

Providing search engine ranking services on a local basis means considering several factors mainly connected to geographic area and type of business. Keywords to take into consideration, in this case, are not only related to the topic, service or product we want to promote but also to the country, city, area and district of interest. For example, users generally search for vacation rentals in a region or city-specific way (“holiday home in Yorkshire”, “B&B in Manchester” etc.) while restaurant searches are usually area or district specific (“pizzeria in central London”, “breakfast in Glasgow central station” etc.).

Improving your visibility in local organic searches means enabling potential customers to find you easily and this is useful for your business: in fact, local needs are more likely to generate real conversions.

Maps and Google My Business

Two important Local SEO elements are maps and Google My Business. Signing up for Google My Business and being present on maps is essential for anyone who has a network of shops in a given area. In this way, SERP will return more precise results on your business with more information and a better relevance-distance link.