International SEO

International SEO services

Pro Web Consulting aims is to provide the most complete and international SEO service ever. For this reason, our team of SEO specialists, account managers, web analysts and digital marketing consultants is made up of mother tongue or bilingual experts, able to serve clients all over the world.

Multilingual SEO: an optimized Babel

In addition to managing mono-lingual websites for Italian, English, German and Chinese clients, we often need to optimize broad multi-language platforms: for example, for a Swiss food e-commerce company needing to export and promote local products in several European or extra-European countries.

Firstly, an understanding of the fact that a good ranking in a specific state for a specific language does not automatically lead to a similar ranking in other states with different cultures and languages is important. We can create ad hoc strategies for each cultural and language environment to make your multilingual website grow in a uniform way in each version.

International SEO: know the global panorama

A global SEO service involves a thoroughgoing knowledge of a country: language, market, culture, search engines, keywords and web user behaviors.

In fact, we cannot take for granted that an optimization technique which is ideal in one specific national market is equally right for others. Furthermore, Google is the leading but not the only search engine in existence: there is Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia and Bing, which is common in the USA, for example.

Special attention needs to be paid to the SEO architecture of a multilingual website with ideal metatags, correct URL structure and culturally focused contents.  A particular sensibility to translation and localization is necessary, in fact, for an understanding of the finest details such as differences between UK and US English spelling.