SEO: On Page and Off Page for growing on Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex and layered Web Marketing activity, consisting of structured and complementary interventions, which aims to achieve and improve the site’s ranking for relevant keywords in your target market.

A well-designed SEO strategy allows increasing visibility on search engines and organic visits to the Customer’s site, and results in more business opportunities and a gradual improvement in brand awareness.

You can distinguish the interventions in SEO On Page, ie within a site, and Off Page, that is performed outside of the site.

Google positioning: why it is important

According to market data, more and more people search for information online before making decisions related to the purchase of products or services. However, the majority of surfers merely visits the first results returned by Google, which makes SEO services crucial for those who want to do business online: even moving one position forward may imply a very significant increase in visits to the site.

Nowadays, Google is a particularly efficient business tool, able to guarantee excellent performance with quite low investment costs. Obtaining a good ranking on the engines can allow a market leader to follow up their excellent results even in the digital realm; for a follower player it can mean the opportunity to overcome their competitors, quickly gaining market share.

SEO On Page: the certainty of having a full potential website

On Site or On Page SEO means an optimization carried out directly on the Customer’s website, to ensure that each element of the structure and content has the right shape and position. This way, Google can read it and “metabolize” it better. It is a real science, where knowledge and constant updating are essential.

In our approach, we provide all technical aspects with the utmost rigor: from the most basic, such as the optimization of metadata, to the structure of the site, to its navigability, usability, to the code, the configuration of the site and the domain on servers.

In addition, we provide consulting to SEO-driven design, which includes the mentoring of the Customer Marketing dept. from the earliest stages of conception of a website, an e-commerce or online initiative, in order to support it with data, information and analyses.

Off Page SEO: getting authority naturally

After the development of a flawless On Page, we proceed to maximize the effects of optimization through a complete Off Page strategy.

Some call it Link Building but we prefer to call it Link Baiting: it is an activity aimed at ensuring the Customer’s website’s valuable inbound links, which are of great importance from an SEO point of view, if developed as naturally as possible, as they represent the positive references for our website in Google’s eyes.

In this context, the quality of the content and coherency between the topic and the Customer’s industry are essential, since they respond to the most recent Google algorithm updates.