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27 October 2017

Interview with Pasquale Gangemi: when passion becomes your own job

Blasting News interviewed our Head of Operations, Pasquale Gangemi, concerning its studies and career in the digital industry.

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29 September 2017

New headquarter and a growing team for Pro Web Consulting

A great evolution for Pro Web Consulting in this 2017: above all, a new office and a constantly growing team.

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01 September 2017

SEO as a strategic tool: Pro Web Consulting at SDA Bocconi

A strategic lesson for all the SDA Bocconi Marketing Club’s students, in order to understand how SEO can be useful for your business.

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29 August 2017

FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, chooses the strategic expertise of Pro Web Consulting

We are proud that FAI – the Italian Association promoting culture and art – chose us to optimize its online presence.

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02 August 2017

Digital PR and SEO: complementary activities for an effective strategy

Digital PR can be a big support for SEO trust building activities. Let’s discover how to!

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17 July 2017

SEO Specialists and job interviews: some tips

How to face a job interview in the digital industry? Our HR Manager Diego Stramezzi is giving you some tips.

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13 July 2017

Pro Web Consulting talks about SEO at Netcomm Focus Lifestyle

At NetComm Focus LIfestyle we talked about SEO and online brand positioning, together with our top Client LG Italia.

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23 June 2017

SEO and publishing: the effect of online information

How does digital information change? We will analyze the role of SEO in the editorial sector in an interview with Alice Tammaro, SEO Specialist.

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20 June 2017

SEO lesson with Pro Web Consulting at Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School chose us for a special SEO lesson for one of its international Masters.

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