Link Baiting

Link Baiting, a mix of SEO placement and brand reputation

Link Baiting involves a wide range of web marketing activities: it is based on great technical knowledge and marked professional flair. The word bait is a fishing term used because the aim is to catch a large number of natural and effective backlinks.

Having good backlinks mean improving your search engine ranking and link popularity. Link Baiting is the best way to Link Build considering Google’s most recent algorithm updates, supporting content quality and originality rather than mere technical tricks.

In Link Baiting users generate spontaneous links through clicks and social media sharing.

Improving both ranking and brand awareness

Link Baiting is useful from an SEO perspective but it is also very important in Reputation Management terms: making a content go viral has considerable positive consequences in terms of visibility. Viral marketing is one of the most effective promotion opportunities but only if it is approached with a highly professional strategy.

Spontaneous links and clicks: how can we create them?

In this discipline, the important question is how to make users link to us? There is no single, one-way answer to this question. To get web surfers to link and share your contents in a completely spontaneous way requires you to intrigue, inform and entertain them.