Google penalty

Google penalty recovery

We know that applying SEO techniques in too generic or aggressive a way can be risky for lack of real skills or haste to achieve preset goals. This is why Pro Web Consulting’s team is always careful not to force their hand, using only white-hat techniques entirely permitted and certified by Google itself, in order to guarantee excellent results and protect the ‘health’ of our customers’ websites.

What to do if you get penalties

Relying on the wrong providers and risking penalties can happen. What to do at this point? Put yourselves in the hands of the experts, who can act quickly and effectively.

It is important to understand how serious the situation is. Firstly, is your penalty manual or algorithmic? I.e. does it signal a human operator error or automatic declassification of the site by the search engine? In addition, understanding which Google algorithm is generating the problem is important: to simplify, it could be said that Panda regards site contents and therefore On Page SEO tools while Penguin has to do with external backlinks to the site and thus with Off Page SEO.

How we work on Google penalties

Once the reasons for your critical situation have been clarified, our team sets to work to resolve it. If the problem is over On Page optimization, for example, due to inconsistent and artificial contents and keyword stuffing, we will proceed to review these with a more natural approach. If your backlinks profile is low quality we can work on manual link removal or the so-called disavow tool, an important tool used to notify Google that we would like to remove backlinks from unauthoritative portals.

Request our support and we will offer you high-quality Google penalty recovery services and full consulting to solve your SEO issues.