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Search Engine Optimization is a sector in continuous and rapid evolution, and that’s why it is a good idea to rely on a competent agency to obtain a consultation and the support needed for your business. However, it is also useful to comprehend the latest news and their possible impact on the performance of your website.

That’s why Pro Web Consulting, along with its Blog, frontal lessons and in-depth Webinars, has decided to create a new handy format to stay updated on the latest SEO news: The Pro Web Digest.

Here is a summary of what happened on the SERPs over the last months.

Page speed and rendering: how to make sure that your site loads faster

What is the ideal loading time of a web page? No more than 3 seconds, according to the Big G. guidelines. In 2018, the average loading time of a web page was 15 seconds….and you’ll understand that we are very far from the objective. Especially on mobile, the user can get frustrated and impatient right away: it is a must to ensure a fast and fluid usage, or the bounce rate will increase because the user will leave your website.

It is important to reduce as much as possible the impact of resources preventing the rendering, keeping the loading time of the page as low as possible. There are many tricks to solve this issue, for example, it is always better to set up the pages to have them loading incrementally: first of all, the main content, followed by the secondary elements.

Good management of the internal linking. And you know what you are linking

The internal links are used to redistribute the value of the external links within your site: gaining trust trough external links is a sensitive activity and made of great effort, that’s why it is a good practice to redistribute among the website pages the gained authority.

Like the external trust building, it is important to make internal links with relevant pages in terms of content, in a natural way and with meaningful anchor texts which shouldn’t be too “strong”. Especially, it is important to link the most relevant and valuable pages for your business: the value of the external links won’t be passed in whole to the conversion page but just partially, and in time the trust of the key pages will increase.

NoFollow, news about the processing of links that don’t express trust

The Link attributes are evolving: if back then we had only the dofollow (=link that conveys trust from a web page to another) and the nofollow (=link that doesn’t convey trust), today we also have the “sponsored” and “ugc – user-generated content” attributes.

Additionally, it seems that starting on March 1st 20120, Google will be able to handle the nofollow attributes as suggestions and therefore keep scanning the links with that attribute.

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