SEO strategy for the insurance industry: Pro Web Consulting at IAB Forum together with

Pro Web Consulting returns to IAB Forum with a high-level case history, thanks to the collaboration with one of the top players in the insurance industry:

The workshop “Penalty recovery, content and trust building in the insurance industry: the SEO strategy for” wants to dissect the complex strategy put in place by Pro Web to optimize the portal, to pursue both ambitious technical goals and marketing KPIs. Firstly, the main goal is the recovery of the visibility lost following a penalization suffered in the past, and then the agency is working on the increase of the domain trust, on the improvement of the average positions and the increase in ranking for the main keywords, thanks to an On-site analysis, an effective content strategy, and trust building activities.

Excellent results have been achieved in the first year of this collaboration: YOY sessions are confirmed on + 45%, while visibility on search engines is + 35%. As for the keywords, over 1,050 keywords have improved their ranking and there are about 1,000 keywords placed ex-novo. In addition, 116 new keys entered the TOP 10, while the average position of the 80 most revealing keywords went from 14 to 9, with 8 keywords starting from a position greater than 50.

I am proud to present the results achieved thanks to the collaboration with Pro Web Consulting Carlo de Lieto Vollaro, Online Marketing Manager of, said – ​​because it is the result of a strategic approach based on very challenging and shared objectives. Thanks to this we managed to bridge the gap that separated us from the excellent results we had set for ourselves.”

Our preliminary SEO analyzes always start from a careful study of the customer and the mapping of its industryDiego Stramezzi, Digital Marketing Manager of Pro Web Consulting, commented – in this case, it is a very competitive scenario. I met because I found significant margins of growth both in the short and in the medium-long term.”