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When talking about search engines we mainly refer to Google.

However, we often forget the search engine on which more than 51% of users* start their searches: Amazon, global giant of e-shopping.

This paper will investigate the factors influencing product positioning and visibility on Amazon, providing tips on how to take action in order to achieve significant improvements in rankings.

Some of the topics covered in this white paper are:

  • Google vs. Amazon: differences between ranking algorithms
  • Ranking factors on Amazon: what they are and how to influence them
  • Product Optimization Strategies: how to maximize visibility and sales
  • Case study: how to position your own product among the bestsellers
  • Anomalies in Amazon: what they are and how to exploit them
  • 10 rules to position your products ahead of competitors
  • Conclusions and best practice
  • Data and tests

Participants will complete a survey to collect feedback on the next test, which will be made and included in the next edition of the report.
Test in progress: Impact of sales peaks on ranking


Get our free white paper "SEO on Amazon 2017", created by Simone Righini in collaboration with Pro Web Consulting’s SEO Specialists.