Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, Google is a particularly efficient business tool, able to guarantee excellent performance with quite low investment costs.

Obtaining a good ranking on the engines can allow a market leader to follow up their excellent results even in the digital realm; for a follower player, it can mean the opportunity to overcome their competitors, quickly gaining market share.

Convertion Rate Optimization

Only a small part of the traffic acquired by each website is converted into a concrete action for marketing purposes. Is it possible to optimise the user’s path in order to increase the conversion rate?

Yes it is, through Conversion Rate Optimization, a data-driven discipline aimed at improving performance in terms of sales or of any other company objective. Through a scientific approach based on data analysis, UX and A/B testing, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the website and to maximise its results.

The importance of data analysis

The Web Analytics is the science of collecting, measuring, and analyzing data.

This is necessary to understand the past and present situation of a website and turn them into useful information for the optimization of your business marketing strategy, to ensure greater economic return to the customer.

We’re able to work on different platforms, such as Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst.

Brand Reputation on search engines

Cleaning up the first page is a quite difficult task, requiring patience, and takes advantage of the synergistic action of On Page and Off Page SEO.

We populate the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages, i.e. the pages of search engine results) with high-quality contents, providing positive information about the customer’s brand and positioning them among the top search results.