18 March 2019

Pro Web Consulting: Positive closing in 2018 and major projects for 2019. Celebrating 10 years of professional excellence

We reached the 2018 business objectives and we’re progressing in 2019 with greater challenges and new projects. Our company closed 2018 with growing revenue and EBITDA and we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary!

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12 March 2019

E-commerce. Would you like to increase your profit? Try with the CRO

Are you offering a wow-experience to your e-commerce visitors? Perhaps you are convinced… but listening to users may show the opposite.

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07 March 2019

Cognitive Bias and Conversion Rate Optimization: know the preconceptions of your users

What is cognitive bias? A prejudice of thinking: in psychology, it is a construct that is not necessarily logical, a subjective conclusion reached without logical connections of cause and effect.

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28 January 2019

Ariston Thermo Group chooses Pro Web Consulting for SEO and Web Analytics

Pro Web Consulting won the pitch launched by Ariston Thermo Group for the management of corporate activities related to Search Engine Optimization and Analytics.

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09 January 2019

Too many abandoned shopping carts? Here is why it happens and how to avoid it

Thanks to data analysis we can discover the user’s preferences: this allows reducing the rate of abandoned web cart, discover how to thanks to our CRO tips.

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14 December 2018

Medic Update diagnosis and prognosis: Pro Web Consulting research

We analyzed a large amount of data, comparing sites that lost traffic and sites that earned it after the August Medic Update and its aftershocks last month. Here are some evidences emerged!

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23 November 2018

SEO e CRO: partners in maximizing organic results and conversions

If you have always thought that these two activities can conflict, you are wrong: SEO and CRO are complementary, act on many common elements and have similar goals. Furthermore, both are strongly user-centric.

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16 November 2018

Conversion Rate Optimization: optimize your marketing budget

Conversion Rate Optimization: the new competitive advantage? Yes, according to the CRO team of Pro Web. In fact, doing CRO means optimizing our marketing budget, along with the conversion path of our users.

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19 October 2018

From search engine to response engine: Google changes approach

Content is king? No, answer is queen. We talked about contents and web users’ behaviours at Engage Conference 2018.

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