FeelDesign entrusts the SEA strategy to Pro Web Consulting

Pro Web Consulting supports FeelDesign, the online store offering design furniture, lighting, small appliances, high-tech accessories, travel items, and gift ideas for its strategy of online visibility.

The collaboration started in October 2018, with an initial analysis of the existing account, to define the type of campaigns, targets, and individual keywords. The second step involved creating landing pages and announcements. The result is the application of a multi-channel strategy, using campaigns on the research network, shopping, and displays.

The constant optimization and continuous monitoring of the campaigns, with daily improvements, has ensured great results in terms of traffic and sales, keeping an eye on the hottest periods for the e-commerce, such as Black Friday and sales.

“The project is highly stimulating: working with Feeldesign has allowed us and allows us every day to implement an evolving strategy developed at 360 ° on Google Ads, aimed not only at the product’s sale, which is still the primary goal, but also to the recognition of the brand and the increase in traffic on the site. All of this would have been impossible without the synergies created between the search, shopping and display network channels”, say Valerio Intini, SEO & SEA Specialist, and Simone Ottobrini, Sales & Project Manager of Pro Web Consulting.

The results are very satisfying: from October 2018 to January 2019, we recorded + 88% in sales and about + 80% of revenue, considering a 31% increase in the budget invested. Another important collateral goal achieved is the increase in traffic on the site, both in terms of sessions (approximately + 263%) and users (about + 236%).

“Thanks to the collaboration with Pro Web Consulting, our company is enjoying excellent results, not only in terms of sales volume, increasing significantly and with consistency, but also in terms of reputation and branding. The traffic on our site, thanks to this project, is progressively growing, as well as the FeelDesign presence on the web, through a more significant investment in the organic flow, possible thanks to the new SEO-oriented site, studied in collaboration with Pro Web “, explains Fabio Baldini, Director at I2W Srl.

Here you can read the full case study about FeelDesign.