Conversion Rate Optimization: listen to your users and earn more

What is the Conversion Rate Optimization? It is a multiform and complex activity, which combines different competencies: from UX to copywriting, from the use of testing tools and surveys to psychology knowledge and much more.

Foremost, performing CRO means, however, being excellent observers and listeners: only by knowing your users, and studying their path within our site, can we understand which are the obstacles of their experience and, consequently, the flaws in our conversion capability.

We have improved the conversion rates of Freddy’s Italian e-commerce website with an incremental approach: the CRO strategy has led to a + 4% conversion rate and a + 35% subscription to the newsletter.

The Pro Web Consulting CRO team, certified professionals

We are proud of our CRO Specialist team: a group of professionals attentive to every single detail, who know the complexity of the human mental systems as well as the best practices of heuristic analysis. We work synergistically among internal units because SEO and CRO are deeply complementary.

We are always up to date because this topic is in constant evolution: recently, we have achieved important international certifications, such as the Convert Badge and the Norman Nielsen Group UX Certification.

CRO mindset: change the approach to digital marketing

Opinions don’t matter in the Conversion Rate Optimization, but only the theories verified through the tests on users. Is a test gone wrong a waste of time? No, because in the CRO approach, failure is positive: it gives us clear feedback on a postulate, providing valuable data to analyze.

Introducing the CRO into the corporate strategy means changing the point of view: abandoning preconceived ideas and self-referential dynamics, to place the user at the center.