Recovery of negative visibility trend

Place new relevant KWDs in the sector

Migliorare ranking KWD


Organic traffic +80%

New kwd positioned +8000

Kwd Ranking improved +2700


Yeppon is one of the largest e-commerce in Italy focused on electronics and DIY. In 2015, it was experiencing a 30% loss in visibility on search engines, due to a negative trend caused by an improvement of the competitors’ visibility.


Competitive sector: Yeppon is an e-commerce focused on electronics and DIY, presenting a wide range of products. It had to recover a negative trend of visibility, which impacted organic conversion and avoided competition between offline retailers and their online portals.

The project

The SEO project started in April 2016, and thanks to a timely implementation by the Yeppon technical department, the site began to gain visibility very quickly.

The initial audit was followed by a timely and fast implementation, to make the site’s SEO architecture and its positioning for the most competitive keywords in the industry more productive.


In the first 6 months of activity, the trend has become very positive: + 80% of organic traffic, 8,000 new keywords have been positioned thanks to trust enhancement activities, and over 2,700 keywords have improved their positioning in SERP.


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