Flyer’s Views

Online Purchase

Reputation Increase


Sales +276

Revenue +359

CPA -72%


Trony is an Italian chain store specialized in the sale of household appliances, consumer electronics, IT, and telephony products. For several years, it sponsored flyers for seasonal promotion and the brand. Our consultancy was requested for an account optimization to increase the budget.

The project

The project started in March 2018, with a preliminary analysis phase. During this first phase, we defined the strategy, the landing pages to be used, and the tone of voice for the announcements; we have also defined the keywords to focus on, and the specific target. From April, the sponsorship of the brand and top products through campaigns on the search and shopping network began, and later, we diverted users to physical stores with flyer dedicated campaigns.

After the first phase, the on-going evaluation of the strategy began, diversifying the typologies of campaigns, trying to achieve the highest possible reach, in particular in top seasonal periods such as Black Friday and Christmas.


From April to December we achieved + 276% of sales, + 359% in total revenue with a budget increase of 30%. The CPA has been decreased by 72%. We also obtained a series of local conversions, such as store visits (approximately 40,000), about 2,000 calls in-store and 3,500 other interactions with Google Maps.



*Case study updated on February 2019.

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