Increase conversions

Improve blog organic traffic YoY

Improve blog organic traffic monthly


Conversion rate YoY +14%

Organic visits YoY +274

Organic Visits on the blog (March 2019) +107%


Montanstahl was founded in Stabio, Switzerland, in 1983, and it specializes in the production and marketing of special steel and stainless steel profiles, on international B2B markets.


The collaboration between Montanstahl and Pro Web Consulting began five years ago. At first, it focused on SEO activities, both on-site and off-site: since 2014, we have recorded excellent results both in terms of visibility, organic traffic, and keyword positioning.

It was integrated a CRO strategy at the end of 2018, which showed its significant impact in terms of results since the first months. In fact, contact requests, estimates, and consultation inquiries have increased.


Looking at the results, it is significant the + 14% YoY conversions recorded on April 2019, thanks to the CRO activities. The growth of the Montanstahl blog in 2018 deserves attention: a + 274% in organic YOY visit was recorded in January, + 202% in February and + 107% in March.


*Case study with data updated in May 2019

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