Improvement of the site trust

Boost ranking and organic traffic

Set up correct tracking for support of marketing activities


Organic traffic (jan-jun 2019 vs  2018) +80%

Keywords positioned (before the migration 2019) +49%

Unbranded keywords average position +18% 


GrandVision Italy is a retailer specialized in the optics sector, which boasts over 7000 sales points worldwide and more than 400 in Italy. It started with online sales through the dedicated e-commerce site in 2019.

The Project

Since December 2018, it has launched a collaboration project, which saw Pro Web Consulting supporting GrandVision Italy in the migration to the new e-commerce. The project involved several operational departments in achieving significant results.

  • SEO and Content Strategy: audit and architecture for the Italian version, with the Content team support for the review and creation of blog contents.
  • Analytics: tracking optimization, with identification of KPIs to support the marketing strategy.
  • CRO: user path analysis to improve user experience and conversion rate.


During the first 6 months of this activity, organic traffic had a + 80% growth (Jan-Jun 2019 VS Jan-Jun 2018), 10,846 keywords positioned thanks to trust enhancement activities and a + 89% keywords positioned in Google’s TOP10.

On the Web Analytics side, we are in constant collaboration with the GrandVision Corporate team to implement the tracking. Today, we collect necessary data to support the CRO and marketing strategy, allowing us to highlight aspects of the new website potential previously unknown.


*Case study with data updated in June 2019


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