Increase Purchases

Increase in turnover

Traffic (Users on the site)


Sales +88%

Revenue +80%

Traffic +236% 

Context – Who is Feeldesign

FeelDesign is an online store mainly offering design furniture, lighting, small appliances, high tech accessories, travel items, and gift ideas.

The Project

The project started between September and October 2018, with the usual analysis phase of the existing account. During this first period, we analyzed the Feeldesign account and defined the strategy in terms of the typology of the campaign, target groups, and individual keywords. Later, we chose the landing pages and created the ads to be used. Finally, it was carried out a multi-channel strategy, using campaigns on the research network, shopping, and displays.

After this stage, the optimization phase began, with continuous monitoring and day-to-day changes to achieve the best results, both in terms of traffic and, above all, sales and revenue, particularly in the most relevant periods for the customer (the Black Friday week and winter sales).


From October to January we achieved an increase of 88% in sales, with about 80% more in revenue with a 31% increase in the budget invested.  This has led to a 30% decrease in Cost per Sale. As a secondary objective, we have significantly increased the site traffic, both in terms of sessions (approximately + 263%) and users (about + 236%).


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