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20 February 2020

What is BERT and which are its effects?

BERT is the new algorithm of Google: how does it works? Which are its impacts on SEO? We’ve discovered a lot of interesting things.

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10 January 2020

JavaScript SEO: the difficult and controversial relationship between Google and JavaScript

Javascript SEO: we talk about the difficult and controversial relationship between JS and Google, going in depth about crawl budget and rendering.

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11 December 2019

Google Shopping or Amazon 2.0?

We tried the new version of Google Shopping and we can describe all the good and bad features, compared to Amazon’s ones.

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05 December 2019

Augmented reality and SEO: why it is important to be prepared on the new SERPs

How can you integrate AR features in your SEO strategy? Digital Marketing can benefit from Augmented Reality models and items in SERPs.

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17 October 2019

Integrated SEO-CRO-SEA strategy for Black Friday and seasonal offers

You can improve your revenues during Black Friday and all the other seasonal offers periods thanks to an integrated SEO-SEA-CRO strategy.

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05 September 2019

Monitoring of Users and Sessions in Google Analytics

We continue our guide on the Web Analytics basics explaining how to set up user and session monitoring on Google Analytics.

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06 August 2019

Google Analytics setup: how to structure the account

How setup Google Analytics Account? Here a guide step-by-step to set up at best your tracking system.

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31 July 2019

SEO for YouTube: optimization videos guide

Our YouTube expert talks about how to optimize individual video content and YouTube channels.

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25 July 2019

Yandex Search Engine: SEO for the Russian market

Yandex is the search engine par excellence on the Russian market: if you want to optimize your digital presence in this area of ​​the world keep in mind it.

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