Pro Web Consulting: an international team for your digital strategy

Pro Web Consulting was the 2009 brainchild of our founder’s web-oriented passion and knowledge: Stefano Brighenti whoworked for several years in SEO and marketing agencies in Holland and the UK.

The headquarters of our consulting firm is in Switzerland but we are able to work worldwide, covering all the main global markets (especially Europe, Middle East, USA and Far East).

We have a highly specialized international team of almost 90 professionals, SEO specialists and digital consultants, speaking up to 10 different languages.


  • Stefano Brighenti
    Stefano Brighenti
    Founder & Managing Director
  • Pasquale Gangemi
    Pasquale Gangemi
    Partner, Head of Operations
  • Diego Stramezzi
    Diego Stramezzi
    Head of Sales
  • Alessandro Martin
    Alessandro Martin
    Head of CRO
  • Simone Petrucci
    Simone Petrucci
    Head of Analytics
  • Elena Saibene
    Elena Saibene
    Head of Operations
  • Giuseppe Fussone
    Giuseppe Fussone
    Sales Manager
  • Andrea Sebastiani
    Andrea Sebastiani
    Sales Manager
  • Francesca Dalla Pozza
    Francesca Dalla Pozza
    Sales Manager
  • Fabio Trematore
    Fabio Trematore
    Sales Manager
  • Simone Ottobrini
    Simone Ottobrini
    Sales & Project Manager
  • Sonia Rosso
    Sonia Rosso
    Head of Project Management
  • Silvia Borsa
    Silvia Borsa
    Client Manager
  • Francesco Sportelli
    Francesco Sportelli
    Team Leader Account
  • Christian Capuani
    Christian Capuani
    Senior CRO Specialist
  • Emanuela Mantegazza
    Emanuela Mantegazza
    Senior CRO Specialist
  • Alberto Costantini
    Alberto Costantini
    Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Lia Volgger
    Lia Volgger
    SEO Specialist
  • Daniela Gazzola
    Daniela Gazzola
    Digital Project Manager Lead
  • Andrea Maffina
    Andrea Maffina
    Legal Manager
  • Michela Minenza
    Michela Minenza
    Client Manager
  • Davide Manzoni
    Davide Manzoni
    Head of Client Management
  • Paolo Amorosi
    Paolo Amorosi
    SEO Coordinator
  • Daniela Caracciolo
    Daniela Caracciolo
    Client Manager
  • Riccardo Gaffuri
    Riccardo Gaffuri
    Head of SEO
  • Alice Tammaro
    Alice Tammaro
    Senior SEO Specialist
  • Carlo Sefcek
    Carlo Sefcek
    SEO Specialist
  • Francesco Currà
    Francesco Currà
    Senior SEO Specialist
  • Miriam Bacenetti
    Miriam Bacenetti
    Client Manager
  • Vanessa Galluccio
    Vanessa Galluccio
    SEO Specialist
  • Claudio Conti
    Claudio Conti
    Senior SEO Specialist
  • Greta Tomasoni
    Greta Tomasoni
    SEO Specialist
  • Antonio Valerio
    Antonio Valerio
    Client Manager
  • Chung Fei Wu
    Chung Fei Wu
    SEO Specialist
  • Sveva Coltellacci
    Sveva Coltellacci
    Head Of Online Advertising
  • Valerio Intini
    Valerio Intini
    Client Manager
  • Angela Petrella
    Angela Petrella
    SEO Specialist
  • Annalisa Folchi
    Annalisa Folchi
    SEA Specialist
  • Simone Serafini
    Simone Serafini
    SEO Lead
  • Fabrizio Vargas
    Fabrizio Vargas
    Digital Knowledge Manager
  • Pierluigi Tosto
    Pierluigi Tosto
    SEO Lead
  • Fabio Granata
    Fabio Granata
    Search Specialist
  • Sabine Fischer
    Sabine Fischer
    Senior SEO Specialist
  • Verdiana Amorosi
    Verdiana Amorosi
    Senior SEO Specialist
  • Beatrice Zanetti
    Beatrice Zanetti
    Content Lead
  • Luana Tagliabue
    Luana Tagliabue
    Senior Content Specialist
  • Sara Teofilo
    Sara Teofilo
    Content Manager
  • Enrico Gorgoglione
    Enrico Gorgoglione
    SEO Specialist
  • Ylenia Martina
    Ylenia Martina
    Digital Project Manager
  • Eva Breuker
    Eva Breuker
    Junior SEO Specialist
  • Francesca Firmo
    Francesca Firmo
    Senior Content Specialist
  • Riccardo Fiabane
    Riccardo Fiabane
    SEO Lead
  • Mariella Boccia
    Mariella Boccia
    Senior Web Analyst
  • Andrea D'Agostino
    Andrea D'Agostino
    Data Scientist
  • Alessandro Caira
    Alessandro Caira
    SEO Strategist
  • Matteo Capuano
    Matteo Capuano
    Web Analyst
  • Luca Ferracuti
    Luca Ferracuti
    Web Analyst
  • Maria Elena Milani
    Maria Elena Milani
    Senior Web Analyst
  • Francesco Fragapane
    Francesco Fragapane
    Content Specialist
  • Renzo Bignami
    Renzo Bignami
    Senior Web Analyst
  • Alessandro Nigro
    Alessandro Nigro
    Senior Web Developer
  • Andrea Zitti
    Andrea Zitti
    Web Developer
  • Andrea Sala
    Andrea Sala
    UX/UI Designer
  • Valentina Ierardi
    Valentina Ierardi
    Head of Finance
  • Mattia Majdak
    Mattia Majdak
  • Salvatore Caiazzo
    Salvatore Caiazzo
    HR Business Partner
  • Cristina Tranchina
    Cristina Tranchina
    Office Manager