Analytics Consultation

Web Analytics Consultation: data analysis support

Any type of online business, absolutely across the board, requires monitoring and data analysis. It is only through careful collection and interpretation of your site access that your KPIs and web marketing strategies can be improved.

Our web analytics consulting service is highly specialized thanks to our team of certified and always up-to-date analysts capable of working on various platforms from Google Analytics to SiteCatalyst.

We establish KPIs together with our customers as the basis for custom configuration of the chosen tool. Periodic data collection allows ad hoc reporting which can be shared weekly or monthly as preferred.

A better understanding of how often, how long and from what device your target group interacts with your site is useful and necessary. Far from simply using a list of data collected, our team will furnish you with a grouping according to areas of interest and the correct interpretation to make of the right strategic decisions.

Analytics consultation also means training

Alongside operations, our consulting service on analytics has always a training focus: we do not simply provide customers with the results of our work but also supply them with an ability to understand it by teaching the basics of every web marketing activity we carry out. This way, clients always know what’s happening, understand the reasons behind our decisions and are made autonomous on the simplest activities.

We at Pro Web Consulting believe that this integration between our staff and our customer’s team is the foundation for a relationship of trust and professional partnership which is essential to the success of each project.