Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation management: improve your online reputation

Any company that is preparing to do business online must be well aware of how important  the care of their brand reputation will have: many studies show that web surfers tend to be influenced by the information obtained about brands and products through Google. That is why the analysis and the brand reputation monitoring are essential: the negative results are in fact visible and searchable on search engines for a very long time, especially if published by authoritative media.

The SEO as an instrument of control and cleaning of the SERP

Many people worry about the analysis of social conversations: certainly, this practice has a value but the negative comments on Facebook do not weigh as much as a result on the first page of Google. Cleaning up the first page is a difficult task, requiring patience, and takes advantage of the synergistic action of SEO On Page and Off Page. We populate the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages, i.e. the pages of search engine results) with high-quality contents, providing positive information about the customer’s brand and positioning them among the top search results. As the saying goes in the search industry: “If you want to hide something, put it in the second page of Google”.

Right to Be Forgotten: Google cares about your reputation

What happens if several negative results damage the image and business of a brand or a professional? Google itself provides a useful means to remove the problem: the Right to Be Forgotten. To forward the request you must have all the authorizations from the customer and actual documentation certifying the untruthfulness of accusations and criticisms on the web. Beware, though: in the event of a favorable outcome, the infringing content will be de-indexed only on the search engine of the country for which you submitted the application (, etc.), not on all international editions. According to the latest data, throughout Europe around 332,500 requests for more than 1 million URLs have been submitted, with a percentage of removal around 70%.