About Us

Pro Web Consulting, the SEO dream team

Pro Web Consulting was the 2009 brainchild of our founder’s web-oriented passion and know-how: Stefano Brighenti worked for several years in SEO and marketing agencies in Holland and the UK.

The headquarters of our SEO agency is in Chiasso in the Swiss mountains, half way between Italy and the rest of Europe. That’s why we are open both to Italian (especially Milan) and DACH markets. We have a highly international team of just under 30 professionals, SEO specialists and consultants covering all the main global markets and speaking up to 10 different languages.

Why choose Pro Web Consulting

What makes us different is our ultra specialization. We are convinced that the complexity of digital channels today does not allow a single agency to compete effectively in all areas, especially those requiring in-depth technical expertise such as SEO, UX design, social networks, advertising.

We are not the usual 360 degree digital company: we focus solely on SEO, a sector in which we fear no comparison because our competence stems from years of experience in highly competitive fields such as online trading and gambling.

We offer just a few specific services: Search Engine Optimization, SEO Brand Reputation and web analytics with an eye on consulting and training.

We aim for excellence in each service and firmly believe that an SEO agency must invest in continuous training of its own resources in order to maintain very high quality standards. This is fundamentally important in a rapidly evolving universe like web marketing.

SEO culture with a strategic approach

We consider consulting and education to be the feathers in our cap: disseminating SEO culture and providing clients with essential tools with which to understand our work is a real plus for clients. In addition, we believe that creating synergies between our staff and the client’s team is indispensable: by acting as one we can succeed, sharing guidelines, challenges and risks.